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Benefits Description
Versatility Get a professional phone system, adaptable to changes. Easily add
extensions, change your business address without losing calls or direct calls to your
cellphones when you are away from your desk for getting a coffee or on the road
heading to a meeting.
Cost Savings TelWise provides you with high quality lines that are guaranteed to lower your telecommunication cost. Add or subtract extensions at no cost or minimal cost.
No long distance charges Unlimited calls to North America
Keep your existing phone number No need to change your business phone number
Improve customer service Make sure each call is picked up and does not go to voicemail, by having calls find an available representative.
No capital expenditures Businesses have enough expenses, if you could lower
your telecommunication costs without purchasing any capital.
Call redirection features Never miss a phone call, have the call redirected to
numerous people or have the call find you.
Professional phone system Auto attendant automatically route calls to specific extensions, music on hold and many more features.
Voicemail to email Check your voice mail easily by playing the voicemail directly from your email.

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