Meet Taskalfa 7550ci: One Of The Most Powerful Multifunction Printers For Your Business!

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Large companies which need to print thousands of documents every day need an advanced multifunction printer which can handle such a large volume of printing jobs. Luckily, TASKalfa 7550ci from Kyocera might be the right multifunction printer in this case. If you have a large business and your employees need to print a lot of documents on a regular basis, this printer can keep up with the workflow in your company, it can reduce your printing supplies costs and offer you a plethora of useful services and features. Here are some of the most important specs of TASKalfa 7550ci.

TASKalfa 7550ci allows you to print, scan and copy documents with great ease


This multifunction printer is capable of printing black and white pages at a speed of 75 ppm. That actually means printing more than 1 page per second. This amazing printing speed is sufficient even for the busiest company where high volumes of printing jobs are required every day. Additionally, it is capable of printing colored pages at a speed of 70 ppm.

Many companies also require scanning a lot of documents and transforming them into PDF files. TASKalfa 7550ci can scan to folders, scan to emails, scan to FTP servers or even scan to USB devices at a simplex speed of 120 ipm (images per minute) for both black and white and color. For duplex scanning, the speed is 200 ipm for black and white pages and 150 ipm for colored pages. Also, this 7550ci can scan at a resolution of 200, 300, 400 or even 600 dpi (dots per inch) which his more than enough for producing a high quality image.

TASKalfa 7550ci can hold thousands of papers at once

The standard paper supply is 4,150 sheets and this is very convenient in companies where a lot of pages are printed every day. Basically, the multifunction printer needs to be supplied with paper and it can print continuously while employees focus on other tasks. However, if more sheets are needed then this printer can hold a maximum of 7,650 papers at once. This multifunction printer can also handle most popular paper sizes with a maximum of 12″ x 18″ (trays) and 12″ x “47 (banner) and it works very well with bond paper, recycled paper, envelopes or cardstock.

TASKalfa 7550ci features a large RAM memory and sufficient HDD storage space

This advanced multifunction printer is equipped with a 2GB RAM memory as standard. This amount of memory is enough to process printing jobs very quickly and perform multiple operations at the same time. Also, it comes with a dual HDD of 160 GB which is sufficient for storing a plethora of documents and files. TASKalfa 7550ci has a maximum monthly duty cycle of up to 400,000 pages which is suitable for the majority of large companies and businesses.

TASKalfa 7550ci comes with a large, easy-to-use color touchscreen

Employees will be able to easily manipulate printing jobs and even make image adjustments thanks to the large, color touchscreen provided as standard by TASKalfa 7550ci. This touchscreen control panel also features physical buttons and an intuitive interface which will make printing jobs and accessing all the functions of the printer a piece of cake. Also, employees are capable of adjusting the hue and sharpness of various images, zoom in and out and keep control of printing jobs by just pressing a couple of buttons.

TASKalfa 7550ci is also equipped with fax services

This feature can be very useful in various situations and TASKalfa 7550ci provides an impressive transmission speed of approximately 3 pages per second. This is possible thanks to the fast modem speed of 33.6 kbps and a fax memory of 12 MB which can be extended up to 120 MB.

TASKalfa 7550ci is capable of duplex printing

This printer comes with duplex printing as standard and it can handle paper sizes of up to 12″ x 18″. This feature is useful for reducing the costs of printing supplies in the long run. Additionally, the fax is also equipped with a duplex as standard.

TASKalfa 7550ci supports the most popular operating systems

This multifunction printer is compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 and 7 operating systems as well as with Novell operating system, Mac OS 10.x and UNIX operating systems. It also supports protocols such as TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, IPv6 and many more.

As you can see, this printer is specially designed with the customer in mind and it can handle simple and complex printing jobs with great ease, whether they are in black and white or color. Additionally, TASKalfa 7550ci features a data security kit which can protect the printing jobs which are scanned, copied or printed by the employees of your company.

If you think that Kyocera TASKalfa 7550ci is suitable for your business and want to take advantage of professional managed print solutions then make sure that you give us a call and speak with our specialists. We will assist you in establishing a tailored printing environment for your company.

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