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“TelWise_WebSite has a great system of providing high-quality performance equipment along with excellent customer service! Our equipment and services with TelWise_WebSite has allowed us to operate in an more efficient manner and most importantly allowing us to save in printing costs within months.”
Lincoln Management Ltd




In December 2012, Bnei Akiva Schools leased three copiers. While the dictions were price driven, we only agreed to proceed if we were able to satisfy ourselves that they could match or exceed the high level of services we were receiving from our current provider.  Upon making numerous calls to existing customers we received enough comfort that our service needs would be met and we moved forward with TelWise_WebSite.  I am pleased to say that a year later we are not disappointed.  They have not only lived up to our expectations, but have exceeded them.  So much so that this past summer we entered into an agreement with them for two additional copiers and we also outsourced all of our printers to them so that we now have a TelWise_WebSite supplied printer at every desk in our schools. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them.

– Jay Shiel, Director of Operations, Bnei Akiva Schools


We purchased two machines both Kyocera; a Task Alpha 3010i and a FS-C5150 DN.  We are very happy with the machines.  You can’t help but love the Alpha 3010i it is very user friendly and does a great job for us.  In terms of the Toronto Division Copiers as a supplier, I am content that we made a good choice in dealing with them.

– Dan White, President, Tax Audit Solutions


We’ve been using a new Taskalfa and couldn’t be happier with it.  The color quality is excellent, and it handles huge print jobs with no issues.  We’ve been able to downsize from a fax machine, copier, and printer down to just this one machine that does it all. Also, the service provided by Toronto Division is as excellent as their products.  Their employees are friendly and professional, and were able to answer all of or questions in detail.  When we needed the printer and there was an issue with it, they were on time and able to solve the issue quickly.  We also purchase printer supplies like toners and drums from them.  Their prices are very reasonable, and they ship out our orders the same day they are placed.  So far we haven’t had a single issue that they weren’t able to address.  We’d recommend them to anyone looking to purchase printers, copiers, and other office supplies. 5 stars!

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