What Must You Factor In When Buying A Printer For Your Business?

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The range of printers in the market today is bewildering, a factor that makes it tricky to make the right decision to choose one that will pose as the best fit. And it is even trickier choosing one especially now that competition among manufacturers is high. You have wide range of printers to choose from.

If your office is a modest one, you may want to go for a printer that can be networked so as to share the printer in the office. So, you may want to go for a wired printer if your office is fixed or a wireless printer because this one is flexible and relatively fast. Below are surefire tips to help you make the right decision when buying a printer for your business:

Consider the price as well as supply costs

Are you interested in an inkjet, for instance? High ink cartridge costs can in the long run make a bargain priced printer a bad deal. You want to consider your ink usage rating so as to reflect the extra ink used by your inkjet printer in order to maintain its print heads during intermittent and light use. Make sure that you look for the best cartridge prices, especially the brand name ink cartridges because these ones have a better print quality and are fade resistant.

Also, per page costs are comparable. While at it, consider whether the inkjet has separate or single color cartridges. Inkjets with single color cartridge come with a separate black cartridge for text. However, you may still find some with individual color cartridges. And depending on the nature of your photos, you may want to use separate color cartridges because they are more economical.    

If you want to save on money on your printer, then consider using plain paper for works that are in progress, and saving good stuff for the final results. The cost of glossy photo paper is a bout 25 cents to a dollar per sheet. To get the best results, it is prudent to use the recommended brands of paper. One may be tempted to go for the cheaper brands, but the lower grade papers can reduce the quality of the photos.

Weigh convenience features

Inkjets in particular, are known to have the ability to make borderless prints like those seen from a photo finisher. This matters most especially if you are to print to the full size of the paper. If you are planning to use the 4×6″ paper regularly, then you want to look for a printer that comes with the 4×6″ tray to make it easier when feeding papers this size. You can also look for a printer with a second paper tray because it also makes it easier feeding papers this size. You should note that with these small sheets, the cost per photo may be a bit higher than combining three or four images on the 81/2 inch tray.

Do you want to print photos without using a computer?

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If so, then just know that this will save you a little time and an extra step. Features such as PictBridge, memory card reader support and wireless interface are all convenient. Without using the computer though, you may not have the ability to tweak some of the image characteristics such as color, brightness and size. But if you go for a printer that has an LCD screen, you can still be able to do some editing without a problem.

Consider connections

Today, all printers come with a USB port for connection g to the computer. Some also offer wireless and wired networking, which allows you to print from any computer on that network. It is not a problem sharing a printer that lacks this feature; if the computer it is connected to is turned on, then you will still be able to print from a different computer.

Memory requirements

Unlike the inkjet printers which use a computer’s memory in order to process the print job, the laser printers come with their own onboard memory. However, this onboard memory has to be large enough in order to store full pages of some of the most complex graphics you need to print. If you have multiple users or want to print large files with lots of graphics, then you may want to go for a laser printer with hundreds of MB onboard memory.

Be skeptical of vendor specs

As you shop around for the best printer, you will come to know a number of specs such as print resolution and speed. Sometimes these specs are not all that useful because each manufacturer performs their tests in their own way. Specs may not be very important when it comes to comparison purposes.

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