Why Leasing A Printer Is A Good Option

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You don’t have to think much when it comes to leasing a copier; you will avoid initial capital outlay that is required for outright purchase. It is simply a method of financing for your copier. And you need to know that this is a tax efficient form of finance that enables a cost effective trade up access to what technology has made available at the right time. You should note that not all companies want to purchase a printer or a copier and this is due to the associated up front lump sum. Also, chances are high that after five years, the office utility may become obsolete. Below are the main reasons why leasing a copier is the best bet:


As businesses earn revenue overtime, they pay as they use the copier. You are only required to make small manageable payments that equate to pay as you use. This helps you to plan for the lease payments early enough because even the payments that are made within the leasing period are not affected by the changes that are in interest rates. You will also be able to forecast on cash flow and project the cost of use with that of profits and revenue generated by the use of your copier. Also, the fixed payments can help your business budget money into the future.

Tax efficiency

Leasing a copier can reduce the overall tax bill because the cost is deductible as an expense, thus reducing the overall cost of leasing the copier. In fact, this is one of the factors that are used to determine whether to lease or rent, instead of buying. When it comes to leasing, you don’t have to pay the total cost of the copier immediately. And that is not enough; you can even reclaim everything you pay out on a monthly, annually or quarterly basis.

Upgrading technology

You will agree that a copier is not an asset that appreciates. So, it is imperative to save purchases for those assets that depreciate or appreciate less. Leasing will give you more freedom for the modern copiers and printers without having to worry about budget restraints. And you can also take advantage of the technology upgrades or improvements at a time of your wish. Leasing always gives you the freedom to upgrade without having to buy a new item. By contrast an organization that owns its copier, printer or any other office equipment can only upgrade such office utilities by reinvesting and also disposing of the existing asset.



Speaking of advancement in technology, you can now take advantage of the multifunctional machines that the market has made available. And there is a good thing about multifunctional machines; they combine many functions such as fax machine, scanner, photocopier, document manager and PDF writer, so it is great to upgrade these facilities and products at once without having to deal with several outdated machines. You want to benefit from both the leasing arrangement and the latest multifunctional technology.


It is worth your time and money to use capital for appreciating business purchases or for expansion. Leasing for a copier or printer preserves valuable resources for these business opportunities or purposes. Also, you will be able to preserve your current bank lines and instead optimize the use of commercial sources. This is the time to use the money that has not been tied up in printer and copier costs, in other important business aspects such as advertisement, inventory and personnel.

Flexible payment

When it comes to leasing, you can choose leasing arrangement or option that you will be more comfortable with. For instance, five years option will be a good arrangement that gives you immediate access to a copier with the necessary speed. Also, you will take advantage of the multifunctional technology via small fixed payments throughout the period. In fact, the payments are those that your business can handle without having to do large deposits that are associated with an outright purchase.

Return on investment

Why not let the new copier provide you with a return? The main reason for leasing a new copier is to increase productivity. And with leasing, you will be better placed to use the increased production and cost saving return on investment in order to make the periodic payments.  

As you can see there are a lot of benefits that you can reap from leasing office equipment. All you need is to choose a leasing arrangement that will work for you. And it is also prudent to work with a reputable company that has been trusted in offering such products. Shop around in order to find the best leasing company.

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